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AI, Apps, UC snooping, Unbeatable Poker Machines oh my
January 31, 2016 09:18 PM PST

Picks of the Week:
Why Your Digital Virtual Assistants Will Need a Virtual Manager
Ben Carson Wants to Make a NASA for Cyberattacks
UC bosses installed spyware and are snooping on Cal professors
How Twitter could be 10X bigger, 100X more profitable, and 1000X more awesome
Speed Round:
The unbeatable poker playing machine
Kids Express What Space Means to Them
Mitsubishi's SeaAerial turns fountains into antennae
Make a 1985 Teddy Ruxpin into a 2016 Model with this hack

Tips of the Week:
How to use Google Maps when you don't have a connection
Skadi – self-hosted Trello alternative with a 10 second installation
Mileage Tracking App | Automatic, Easy, Smart Mileage Log | MileIQ
Entrepreneur Tools

Foodbytes goes to Brooklyn

CES Picks Listen Now
January 17, 2016 08:15 AM PST

Nerd Stalker and Johnny Mota talk all thing CES 2016.

2016 Tech Must Knows
January 10, 2016 05:30 PM PST

Picks of the Week:
Everything Google is working on for the new year but more importantly what Adolfo is looking to.
Mozilla To Shut Down Firefox OS Smartphone Initiative, Find Out Why!
Carmakers fret their industry is on the brink of huge disruption
State of the US Urban Bike Culture
Ad Tech Is the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Advertising

Speed Round:
Smart motorcycle headlight lights the way around corners
San Francisco Office Rents Pass Manhattan as Most Expensive in Country
15 interesting startups to watch in 2016
New wave in tech: hacking the brain
Tips of the Week:
Kickstarter Unboxed - FLUXO - the World's First Kickass Light Fixture

Nerdy Events:
1.20 - SFNT @ Mighty! With PingPad, Affectiva, VapExhale, JobSpeaker, Evlo, and more!
1.20 - IoT TechMeeting Powered By The OIC

Listen to the Nerd Stalker gift guide now.
December 09, 2015 08:41 AM PST

Adolfo and Greg share the best gift guide picks for 2015.

Nerd Stalker and The Kid, Family Tech Episode
November 12, 2015 12:27 PM PST

Adolfo and Sophia talk all things kid tech, forgive all the "ums" and "like's".

Crazy Craft
Star Stable
Just Dance
Makies and Makies Fablab
Animal Simulators
Amazon Echo
Screen time discussion diverted.
Emojis why?
Animal Jam

Get Smarter, Working Longer Doesn't Work, Listen to The Update Now
October 24, 2015 11:57 AM PDT
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Picks of the Week:
Can You Get Smarter?
11 things 'Back to the Future 2' got right about today's tech culture | Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd on Kimmel.
Nobody Cares How Hard You Work
Google Maps For Android Now Lets You Compare Gas Prices
Home haptic feedback system could help stroke victims rebuild motor skills
A brief history of Popcorn Time, the piracy service everyone’s watching
Speed Round:
Google Frightgeist
Scientists have Developed Bacteria-Repelling 3D-Printed Teeth
JustCast - Publish your Podcast with Dropbox in minutes
Students in Switzerland built a wheelchair that knows how to climb stairs
Floobits, Remote Pair Programming in Atom
Colorful children's book introduces kids to the basics of code
Tips of the Week:
Pablo by Buffer - Design engaging images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds
5 Inexpensive Ideas to Promote Your First Product

10.28 - MARTECH by Open Innovation club Nerdy discount ‘MARTECH50’
10.30 - New Tech Crawl is Back!
11.3 - 360Fashion & Tech Innovation Awards
11.3 - btrax Japan Night VIII
November 15–17th, 2015 RUBYCONF

Flying Cars, Breaking Encryption with Nerd Stalker
October 17, 2015 09:25 PM PDT

Picks of the Week:
A Look at Yahoo's Promise of a Password-Free Email Service
Google's Book-Scanning Project Is Legal, U.S. Appeals Court Says via
EasyMile's driverless bus rolls-out in Singapore and California
Uber Rush: FedEx killer released
How is NSA breaking so much crypto?
Microsoft says that forcing Windows 10 on Windows 7/8.1 users was a 'mistake'

Speed Round:
Powered by body heat, Lumen flashlight never needs batteries
US government will reportedly require all drone purchases to be registered
Glowforge - the 3D laser printer
JetBlue wants to be the only airline with free Wi-Fi on every flight
Do - Run Productive Meetings
6 flying cars that let you soar over traffic
Tips of the Week:
photomath the Smart camera calculator
IEEE DIY Project Contest

10.21 - Accelerating Innovative Women In Technology (10.21 @ eBay)
10.23 - Founders Space Pitch Day 25OFF
10.28 - MARTECH by Open Innovation club Nerdy discount ‘MARTECH50’
10.30 - New Tech Crawl is Back!
11.3 - 360Fashion & Tech Innovation Awards
November 15–17th, 2015 RUBYCONF www.rubyconf.org

Listen to the Nerd Stalker Tech Week Update Now
October 02, 2015 09:12 AM PDT
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Picks of the Week:
First brain-to-brain ‘telepathy’ communication via the Internet http://bit.ly/1YGnvwr
Chinese smartphones mount massive web attack bbc.co.uk/news/technolog…
Breakthrough rectenna converts light into DC current http://bit.ly/1MIbrnN
Songwriter tells US House he made $5,679 from 178 million Spotify streams via @arstechnica arstechnica.com/business
Aging in IT http://bit.ly/1KRTTWJ
This Realistic Robot Dental Patient Has A Tongue That Will Move Around... http://bit.ly/1P8gjoC #robot

Speed Round:
Kickstarting a game: "Minecraft, but you're a dog, and everything's beautiful" http://bit.ly/1P8ggcq
First light-based memory chip puts SSDs on notice via @engadget engadget.com/2015/09/28/fir…
Backblaze B2 #Cloud Storage works like Amazon S3 or Azure, cept Unlimited oh and at 1/4th the cost. http://bit.ly/1WnU7ZN
More people have died by taking selfies this year than by shark attacks telegraph.co.uk/technology
"Hello, I'd like to add you to my professional network on Linkedin" is the new "Christ, what an asshole" http://bit.ly/1Ffbo2U

Tips of the Week:
How to Fix OS X El Capitan's Annoyances http://bit.ly/1Riz0oP
First Social Media crowdfunded app for Shelter Animals http://adoptmeapp.org/

Only for Startups: September / October Founders Space Events via @nerdstalker @foundersspace http://www.nerdstalker.com/2015/08/on...
New Tech Crawl is Back! http://sfnewtech.com/event/9-24-sfnt-...
November 15–17th, 2015 RUBYCONF www.rubyconf.org

How Brands Create An Ecosystem
September 10, 2015 08:50 AM PDT
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We talk with Gagan Luthra, Product Marketing Manager of Cypress Semiconductor on how brands like theirs create an ecosystem around their products. Specifically, Gagan talks about Cypress's Programmable System On Chip (PSoC) technology and its ecosystem. Check it out!

Nerd Stalker Techweek Podcast
July 29, 2015 09:49 PM PDT
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Check out the weekly gab on tech with your hosts Adolfo Foronda and Greg Viloria.
Our picks

Watch the first trailer for the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ animated series http://bit.ly/1IrwINF

Is It OK to Shoot Down Your Neighbor's Drone? Via @Gizmodo bit.ly/1g6UOHh

Patent troll is killing networked sex toy industry http://boingboing.net/2015/07/23/patent-troll-is-killing-networ.html

Google's autonomous car injuries: Blame the human via @ZDNet http://zd.net/1JwZ8L7

Flickr Bringing Back Pro: Pay to Get Badge, Analytics, and No Ads http://bit.ly/1KBCJuS

IBM Watson can analyze the tone of a message via @VentureBeat bit.ly/1TK3rps

Speed Round:

Apple yanks Google's Nest smart thermostat from website and retail stores http://on.mash.to/1OPRZ98

White House announces ConnectHome initiative to bring internet to low-income homes via @slashgear bit.ly/1HNrVWe

Amazon Day Fail

Honda Touts Silicon Valley Chops, Debuts 2016 Accord With CarPlay and #Android Auto via @Recode http://on.recode.net/1MLraBr

Uber crushes Deblasio in NYC http://on.recode.net/1H4B5wY

Tips of the Week:

Instant Pot Smart http://bit.ly/1Irznqz

Ringr http://bit.ly/1Iat3K4


Founders Space 25% nerdy discount http://bit.ly/1Jbz9oc

Dreamforce http://www.salesforce.com/dreamforce/DF15/

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